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Breach of Contract/Contract Disputes

These types of claim can arise when a business is selling goods or services based on an agreed set of contract terms. These contract terms are frequently contained in the Terms and Conditions of Sale attached to the invoice or pro forma invoice. In more complex situations, such as construction, they are included in a formal contract document.

Situations occur which either simply fall outside the contract, or when one of the parties fails to comply with the contract terms. Typical problems include failure to supply or deliver, failure to pay (debt recovery), late payment, defaulting on contractual obligations, failure to perform, and wrongful termination.

The ideal settlement would, of course, be reached by way of an amicable agreement. Where this is unsuccessful, or impossible, a solution might be sought through arbitration, mediation or ultimately litigation in the courts. In many cases, this litigation can be undertaken on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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