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PowerLegal Claim Analysis Questionnaire

Please summarise why you believe that you may have a claim

Full name of Claimant (required)

Claimant's full address (required)

Full name of Opponent (required)

Can you provide the full address of the Opponent?

Are you aware of any assets the Opponent has in the UK that will cover the potential claim? Such as:
propertymoneysharesinterest in companiesinsurance policydon't know

When did the damage first occur?

When were you first made aware that you had a possible claim?

Can you estimate how much damage you have suffered in monetary terms as a result of the Opponent?

What documents do you have which assist in proving your claim, such as relevant emails, letters, other invoices, documents etc?

Have you, acting by yourself, through solicitors or other representatives, written a letter of complaint to the Opponent indicating your claim and if so, when?

Have you had solicitors representing you previously?
If yes, then who were they?