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Want to know more about the service we deliver? These are some of the most commonly asked questions…

How do I access your service? Call us now or fill in our contact form. We aim to contact you within one working day, to discuss your specific litigation matter and determine which of our solutions is the most appropriate.

How big does my business need to be for PowerLegal to be interested in my claim? Any size, from a one-man band to a multinational company. The important thing is the quality of your claim.

Why should I use your service rather than my usual local solicitor? Not all solicitors are experts in every type of litigation, and not all solicitors can offer the range of litigation funding options (including, where appropriate, ‘no-win, no-fee’ arrangements).

How old can a possible litigation matter be? From as little as a few months, right up to 6 years ago.

What sort of solicitor firms are on your panel? Our panel consists of practices around the country with a commitment to offering litigation funding options, including ‘no-win no-fee’ agreements in appropriate circumstances. Also important is the ability to offer a full range of litigation services, e.g. in the less usual areas of law such as intellectual property, construction, and defamation.

Will I be charged anything? No. Our assessment, to determine whether we consider you to have a suitable case, is free of charge. If the solicitor is interested in taking the case further, he will agree how to proceed directly with you. We only work with solicitors who are prepared, where appropriate, to run cases on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis.

PowerLegal receives a marketing fee for introducing your case to one of its panel solicitors. The solicitor is not allowed to pass this fee on to you.