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Inheritance Act Claims

Under the snappily-titled Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 the Courts can make good, for certain family members and dependants, any omissions in the distribution of the estate of a deceased.  The omission may be as a result of what the testator did or didn’t leave in their will; or, it may be as a result of how intestacy rules operate.

Where reasonable provision has not been made, the Court can make an adjustment so that the claimant (where they are not a civil partner or spouse) can ask for reasonable financial provision as is necessary for their maintenance.  If they are a civil partner or spouse, the entitlement is for such financial provision as is reasonable in all the circumstances, “whether or not that provision is required for his or her maintenance”.

If your claim against the estate is a strong one, we may be able to progress it (and quickly) on a no-win no-fee arrangement, alternatively on a funded basis.

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