Commercial banking disputes

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Banking and financial disputes whether commercial or retail can often be difficult disputes to resolve and typically require specialist legal banking and financial expertise. Examples of commercial banking and financial disputes that we can help with include:

  • Fraudulent use of commercial accounts
  • Malpractice in representing the client's interests
  • Misselling of financial products and services
  • Poor creation of financial investment vehicles
  • Negligence in establishing effective financial contracts
  • Breach of contract as a financial adviser

Because disputes involving finances can have severe impacts upon a business in both the short and long-term is is essential to get effective expert advise as soon as possible.

PowerLegal have a panel of expert lawyers with significant experience and expertise in the area of financial law and should be your first point of enquiry.

We offer a free appraisal service for all commercial banking and financial disputes and can ascertain whether your case is suitable of our No Win No Fee commercial litigation service.

Whether your case involves banking disputes involving fraud, fund management, insolvency, insurance, financial regulation, misrepresentation, professional negligence or similar disputes our expert legal partners can help resolve these issues in a cost-effective way.