How it works

If you have a requirement to pursue commercial litigation then please follow this process to allow us to analyse your case.

1. Contact Us

You can do this by filling out the Enquiry Form or by calling us on 0330 223 4828.

2. Information request

We ask you to provide us with a summary as well as complete a questionnaire that will help us to establish some essential details about your case. We may also ask you to provide us with copies of any pertinent documents.

3. Solicitor Review

Depending on the information provided, we shall identify one of our panel solicitors to review your case free of charge. If our solicitor thinks there is a case, they may wish to arrange a conference call or contact you directly via email.

4. Sign up

Assuming our solicitor wishes to pursue your case they will present their terms of engagement to you. All of our panel solicitors will try to provide a No Win No Fee solution wherever possible. At this stage we require you to sign the PowerLegal Performance Agreement which means that PowerLegal will only receive a fee if your case is successful.

5. Funding and Insurance

It is likely that there will be funding and insurance requirements required to progress the case. PowerLegal will use its relationships with providers of these services to find you a suitable arrangement.

Enquire here

Enquire here

For PowerLegal to start processing your claim free of charge, please fill in the Enquiry Form or call us on 0330 223 4828.