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How to resolve Brand disputes

When a name or other brand symbol of the registered owner or similar branding is used by someone else without permission or a valid licence a Brand name dispute arises.

The most common disputes we see arise from trademark disputes through "passing off" an unregistered product as the original or copying the branding design and trademark or making something remarkably similar for commercial gain.

Resolving brand disputes can be a lengthy, costly and time consuming process. It is advisable to initially seek an out of court settlement through arbitration or mediation before embarking on a case through the courts.

It is highly advisable to obtain expert help at the start of the process which is where we can help. PowerLegal offers a free appraisal service for commercial litigation on a No-Win No-Fee basis for brand disputes

Accessing specialist legal help through expert branding lawyers should be the start of the process and PowerLegal can help in providing this expertise through our panel of highly experienced commercial solicitors and barristers.