How to resolve Patent Disputes

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How to resolve patent dispute

A patent is Infringed when someone manufactures, uses, sells or imports a patented product or process without the patent owner's permission.

If your product is marked as patent pending and still in the process of being patented and someone else uses it  you can still take legal action for infringement.

There are mainly two categories where we find this kind of dispute.  One is when a dispute arises by an action raised by a third party in an attempt to use the patented product for monetary purpose; disputes involving licensing agreements are also relatively common.

Patent disputes are similar to brand disputes in that they can be expensive, difficult and lengthy cases to pursue.

The Patent Office offers guidance on providing opinions in cases of brand dispute which can be helpful in pursuing your case further.

Mediation is another mode of dispute resolution.  Here the issue is addressed with help of an independent mediator.

If none of the alternative means resolves the patent dispute, you should seek professional or legal assistance and go ahead with litigation. PowerLegal offers a free appraisal of your case to see if it qualifies for our No-win No-Fee commercial litigation service.